These are special Moera HTTP headers. Read more about them in the Overview section.

X-Moera: [root=<root>] [page=<page>]

This header is sent by the website in HTTP response. It signals that the website supports Moera REST API and the current page corresponds to the Moera virtual page <page>. If page is not set, the current page itself is considered to be a virtual page.

If root is set, it points to the Moera root of the website (matches the website root by default). Virtual pages are located under /moera subdirectory of the Moera root, the REST API endpoint is located at /moera/api.

X-Accept-Moera: <version>

This header is sent by the client in HTTP request. It signals that the client supports Moera REST API of the given version. Currently only version 1.0 is defined.