Development Environment

To work with Moera, you need four components: naming service (moera-naming), node (moera-node), client (moera-client) and browser extension (moera-browser-extension). You don’t need to build and install all of them - you may use those that are publicly available, until you plan to make changes to the code.

For local installation of naming and node servers you need to have OpenJDK 8+ and PostgreSQL 9.6+ installed. In all major Linux distributions you can install them from the main package repository. For development purposes, you can use one PostgreSQL instance for both node and naming servers.

If you install several components on the same host, note to choose different port numbers for them. By default, they are 8080, 8081 and 3000 for naming, node and client respectively.

How to setup:

  1. For either naming or node, build and install moera-commons first (see for details).
  2. Build and run moera-naming (see for details) or use the default
  3. Build and run moera-node (see for details).
  4. Build and run moera-client (see for details) or use the default at
  5. Build and install moera-browser-extension (see for details) or install the release version from the Firefox store.
  6. Open the main page of the node in your browser.