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Why Is It Called Moera?


The idea was to name it after the ancient Greek Moerae, that controls the thread of life (the social network timeline) of every mortal from birth to death. But this name is very popular, and all domain names for Moerae or Moirai are already taken. So we deleted the last letter and shortened it to Moera.

By coincidence, there is also the name of the suburb of Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand, that is, according to the Urban Dictionary “is known for being a dangerous place”. This is also a good analogy for a decentralized, uncontrollable and censorship-free social network. However, a dangerous place in New Zealand, I suspect, is much safer than many places in other parts of the world :)

Moera logo is graffiti on a city wall that also presents a voice of anarchy. It is written in Vitruvian Man font.

Moera logo

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