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Monit is a simple watchdog that can be used to monitor the moera-node process and restart it, if needed. For example, it may periodically check that some post in a blog is accessible.

Here is an example configuration:

check process moera-blog matching "java.*moera.blog/moera-node"
  start program = "/bin/systemctl start moera-blog.service"
  stop program = "/bin/systemctl stop moera-blog.service"
  restart program = "/bin/systemctl restart moera-blog.service"
  if failed
    port 443
    protocol https
    http headers [Host: lamed.moera.blog]
    request "/post/f6ee6a75-c9d9-4216-f50b-b2e65eb00442"
    status = 200
    for 2 cycles
  then restart
  alert balu@moera.org

Change it for your server as needed.