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Configuration File

Moera tools configuration file is named .moerc and located in the current user’s home directory. It is strongly recommended to make it readable by the owner only (on Unix-like systems, set file permissions to 600).

The file has INI format, similar to the following:


domain = moera.blog
node-name = lamed
token = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

domain = localhost.localdomain:8082
naming-server = development
node-name = balu-dev
secret = ooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Each section of the configuration file corresponds to a particular provider or server and contains settings specific to that provider. But if you often administer several nodes at the same provider, you can create a separate section for each node. A special section [default] contains the default settings for all providers.


naming-server = <URL> | main | development | dev

URL of the Moera naming server to be used. A special keyword main means the Moera main naming server (naming.moera.org). A special keyword development (or dev) means Moera development naming server (naming-dev.moera.org).

This is the only variable that may appear in the [default] section.

domain = <domain name>

The domain provider is located at. Usually each node located at the provider gets a subdomain of this domain. Moera tools use this fact to select a provider automatically by the node URL.

node-name = <name>

The name of the node that is used by default if no node is specified in the command line.

node-url = <URL>

URL of the node that is used by default if no node is specified in the command line. If both node-name and node-url are specified, node-url has a priority.

secret = <root secret>

Secret to be used to authenticate as a root admin.

token = <token>

Token to be used to authenticate as a node admin.