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About The Guide

This Guide describes protocols and APIs used in Moera and internal details of implementation of the Moera components. It may be used as a reference.

Before reading this Guide, it is recommended to learn about Moera in general, its principles and planned features in Architecture Overview section. It is organized as an introductory tutorial.

If you want to help with development, you are welcome! There is a lot of work for programmers, cryptographers, UX designers, documentation writers, translators, alpha and beta testers and system administrators.

The development is taking place in public repositories on GitHub under MoeraOrg organization. Feel free to fork them, use issue trackers and send pull requests.

If you have a question or just want to talk, send me e-mail to balu@moera.org.

I share my thoughts about Moera and the latest Moera news in Moera blog and Telegram channel. We discuss various development topics in the Developers’ group on Telegram.

Table of Contents

  1. Cryptography
  2. Naming API
  3. Node API
  4. Push Relay API
  5. Python Library
  6. Development Environment